How We Work

How We Work

Gegasoft Working Process

How We Work
  a flexible

project management

methodology that can be easily custom tailored to fit any type of

project development

undertaken. Our project management and client relations team is very friendly and approachable and no question or idea is missed out during information gathering.
We work closely with

our clients

, realizing the key to success is to

understand the business model

, brand and current trends. We always strive to exceed expectations and that's the reason we have so many long lasting

client relationships

. Our

project management

software engineering team believes in asking lot of questions. We want to know more to

understand your business

and its process in detail. It begins with knowing more about your company, your brand,

business requirements

and your target. Digging deep leads us to the insights which in turn enable us to create unique opportunities for our clients.

We've developed a unique and

flexible process

for conceptualizing, planning, and executing solutions to complex

business problems

or concerns. We use best of the available skills in business strategy, technology, marketing and branding and user-centered/custom design. Our process includes five phases, keeping the project development lifecycle on fast track with good quality. Our

project management

team updates and interacts with client on the phases of the process.

Our Working Process



We Listen
to you


We Plan
your work


We Design


We Execute, Publish & Maintain

We LISTEN to You

The first critical step is to

understand your business

and your brand. We work with you to clearly understand and

differentiate your immediate needs

and long-term goals. Study and understand the competitive landscape, and your operating and technical environments. We focus on your business objectives and create a strategic plan of action to achieve the immediate and long term goals. We establish project scope, budget, and a detailed work plan to monitor the

progress of project

and its success.
We PLAN Your Work

What will the solution be? How will it work? How will it be used? What will it do? How will it look like? Once we agree on project objectives, we define the functional and technical requirements. We prepare a detailed document with all possibilities and work with you to refine them. To test the concept architect we also build a demo or prototype.
We DESIGN Creatively

On putting the structural basics are in place,

we work on information

, interaction, and interface development. We develop content and refine the technology architecture to the best level. The process is iterative; the result is a working prototype of the deliverables, ready to be tested for usability and refinement.
We EXECUTE, Publish & Maintain

Once the Prototype of deliverables and technology architecture is ready, we now develop the final product/solution. As per the requirement and to fit best, we

integrate the solution

with your existing systems or create a new system for product/solution. We test the final product rigorously to assure you of quality and make sure you are trained enough to understand

how to manage

and maintain the new system.
Enhance & Support

After the launch of product, we'll monitor and analyze how the solution performs in comparison to the success criteria we defined in the first Collect information & Clarify phase. We provide 24/7 dedicated support services to our clients for any concerns or issues if any arising out of the product usage. Business never stays same and requirements change from time to time. We are well equipped to enhance your current software or website to next level to

fulfill your requirements

Have you an idea to talk about? Feel free to give us a call and discuss. We like to take your ideas and work on to make them even better.
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