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NVA Education contains NTS Tests MCQs, Virtual University Video Lectures, Handouts, Online Quiz, Software and Army ISSB PMA Long Course Intelligence Tests / Exams MCQs preparation material. You get prepare for these type of exams online free. NVAEducation is updating its contents regularly. New MCQs for VU, NTS and ISSB are being included.

Quran Pak Reader

Quran Pak Reader includes many a different Holy Quran Translations and Holy Quran Tafaseer which are currently not available on the Internet in text/web format to read these Translations or Tafaseer online. We are providing our users these Translations and Tafaseer to let our user read these Translations and Tafaseer online easily. We provide our users (Holy Quran Readers) almost any possible Holy Quran navigation through Holy Quran pages, for example nagivation by surah, by parah, by surah-verse, by surah-ruku, by parah-ruku and pagewise.

Gegasoft Online Test 2013

Gegasoft Online Test 2013 is a program for preparation of MCQs questons for Virtual University subjects and Pakistan Army Airforce ISSB Test (Verbal) and (Non-Verbal).

Gegasoft ToDo List Software

Gegasoft ToDo List software let you list you ToDo tasks which you have to do later and you can create groups of your ToDos.

Gegasoft TaskList Program

Gegasoft TaskList Program is Windows Active Tasks/Process List which are currently run on your operating system. You can kill a process and start a new process/task.

Gegasoft Search Engine Harvester

Gegasoft Search Engine Harvester is SEO tool and lets you harvest links from google, bing and yahoo search engines. Since it manually searches a keyword and harvest pages its speed is slow but it does not cause you IP to be banned by search engines.

Gegasoft Fast Comments Poster

Gegasoft Fast Comments Poster is SEO tool which let you comment on Blogs. It rotate comments and username and emails from username and email list and let you post comments fastly on blogs.

Gegasoft Cash Control (Mini)

Gegasoft Cash Control (Mini) is a cash management software for a single user to have an idea about his cash that where his cash is going on. He makes every entry of his cash when his cash goes or comes. There are different Income and Expenses Ledgers.

Gegasoft Patient Adviser

Gegasoft Patient Adviser is data-entry software for clinic to manage patients profiles and cash income and expenses. While advising to a patient the advices may be feed in this software so that it can be traced later that which advices has been delivered and which are to be delivering.
About Zaka ur Rehman Khan

About Me

Hi! I am Zaka ur Rehman Khan from Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan and I am VisualBasic, PHP Expert and also have teaching experience. Gegasoft Corporation is my company and I have developed all of Gegasoft Products and Applications. I am B.Tech (Pass) Electrical and Development and Programming is my hobby. I have one year whole experience of Electronics Instructor in Swedish Institute of Technology, Gujranwala. I started learning Visual Basic in 2002 when i was studying in 9th Class. I have worked professionally on visualbasic and php programming languages. I have programmed small utility software which are available on my this website. Some of them are for my personal use and did not share on website. I started learning PHP programming language in 2010 but did a lot of work in this programming language. I developed websites vuhomework.com, dekhojobs.org and airview.com.pk. I also know about Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) techniques that how to develop SEO friendly website. Onpage and Offpage SEO techniques. Also programmed SEO tools in VisualBasic 6.0 which you can download from this website.
Now I am working as a junior clerk in Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala but working on seat of web-developer. I love programming and development thats why I developed my website Gegasoft and wanted to share my experience to others. I am religious person and take too much interest in religion. I am Muslim and I am also going to launch Quran with Tafaseer and Hadith Books application on my this website Inshallah soon.

Contact Me:

Contact No:	+92(308)-6112254
Address:	St#1, Mohallah Chiragh Nagar,
 Nowshehra Road, GRW, (Punjab) Pakistan
Gmail:		[email protected]
Hotmail:	[email protected]
Yahoo:		[email protected]
Facebook:	fb.com/zaka786khan
Twitter:	twitter.com/zaka786khan
Skype ID:	zaka786khan


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