Gegasoft NetStat (Windows)

Gegasoft NetStat (Windows)

Gegasoft NetStat (Windows)Gegasoft NetStat (Windows) displays all active TCP/IP network connections (both incoming and outgoing), routing tables, and a number of network interface (network interface controller or software-defined network interface) and network protocol statistics. It may be used for finding problems in the network and to determine the amount of traffic on the network as a performance measurement.

Filter List:

The filter list option lets you filter active TCP/IP network connection which have Local IP, Remote IP, Local Port and Remote Port = user-defined. For example you can filter all your active TCP/IP network connections which have local ip = or You can add filter and remote entry from the filter list by clicking on the add new or delete entry button on the filter list form.

Copy Option:

It lets user to copy the entire table or selected columns from the NetStat all active TCP/IP network connections list. You can select your required columns to be copied to the clipboard for further inquiry your network problem or watching the peer connection to find out the IP address of the buddy/client which have make any peer-to-peer connection to your PC.

Gegasoft NetStat (Windows):

Gegasoft NetStat (Windows) is a windows netstat command alternative software/program which shows you your open port/ports on your system. You even don't need to perform any nslookup or tracert command to find your network problem or any tracert or netstat -n command on the DOS command prompt system. It is light weight software to check and enlist your system active connections.

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