Gegasoft POS (Point of Sale) CRM Software

Gegasoft POS (Point of Sale) CRM Software

Gegasoft POS (Point of Sale) CRM Software Gegsoft point of sale (POS) which is part of CRM software. This software offers various modules like Leads, Sales, Purhcases, Stock, Expenses, Payroll and Banking. This is not only basic accounting software but a CRM software. It can fulfill your business needs.

Sales Module

Gegasoft CRM offers from leads to sales. You frist enter leads which can later be converted into customers. When they are confirmed you convert them into customers. Then you make sales to them. There is a POS option inside this to sale quickly like POS system. It will help you print receipts also you can make orders from sales modules and print invoices. You can add payments to invoices. You can see pending invoices easily from sales menu.

Purchase Module

You can manage list of vendors inside purchase module. You can add purchases and list purchase orders. You can view into pending bills and make payments on pending bills. Pending payments can be viewed for early access.

Banking Module

All finance based things are managed in this module. This offers list of accounts to manage accounts. You can add revenues, expenses, funds deposit/transfer/withdraw and see list of transactions. You can edit transactions from list of transactions.

Common Module

Reports are shown in this module. Products are also added in this module. Leads are also managed in this module. Stock report and ledger reports are also available in this module. Moreover, you can manage recurring orders in this module.

Admin Module

You can add/edit users along with roles and permissions of your system in this module. You can assign permissions to roles in this module and add roles to existing users. A user can be customer/ vendor/employee at-once by having those roles.

Payroll Module

Finally payroll module is available on demand. You manage data of your employees, print employee-cards and manage their attendance using barcode-reader form their employee cards. You can manage their salaries and pay them salary and see their ledger report.

Settings Module

Each module has its own settings. i.e. Payment terms for sales module, employee card type for payroll module and your company settings for common module etc. You manage them inside common settings of settings module. Moreover, you manage currencies and sessions in this module.



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